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Drywall Repair Services for Homeowners in Jacksonville

The Ultimate Guide to Drywall Repair

Are you dealing with cracks, holes, or other unsightly damage to your drywall? Don’t let it ruin the look of your home any longer! In this ultimate guide to drywall repair, we’ll cover common issues and DIY solutions. And if you’re ready for a professional touch, we’ll explain when it’s time to call in the experts and highlight the benefits of their services. Keep reading to learn how to handle your drywall repairs like a pro.

We Surv Jacksonville Drywall Repair

Our Drywall Repair & Finishing Services

At We Surv Jacksonville, our drywall repair services are designed to help homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida restore the beauty and integrity of their walls with precision and expertise. Whether you’re dealing with cracks, holes, or water damage, our experienced team of professionals is here to provide exceptional drywall repairs that will make your walls look seamless and flawless once again.

“With We Surv Jacksonville, you can trust that your drywall repairs are in capable hands.”

We understand the frustration and inconvenience that damaged drywall can bring to your home. That’s why we take pride in delivering meticulous drywall repairs that exceed our clients’ expectations. Our skilled contractors have the knowledge and expertise to assess the extent of the damage and implement the most effective repair techniques, ensuring a long-lasting and seamless finish.

Based on 71 reviews
Aaron Arnold
Aaron Arnold
April 19, 2024
Very responsive and great service!!!
Adrienne Lord
Adrienne Lord
April 17, 2024
Derrick was great. He helped us move for a vacant staging job. Thank you!
Johnny Bowman
Johnny Bowman
April 16, 2024
Great service and super professional! I would highly recommend for any of your moving/relocating needs. Thank You We Sure!!
Tia Taylor
Tia Taylor
April 9, 2024
I used this company to hang some pictures and curtain rods. From initial contact to explain what I needed to be done, to finish…service was excellent. Chris was amazing and very patient as I can be very meticulous. He was very knowledgeable and his work is fantastic. I am extremely pleased and would highly recommend.
James Ng
James Ng
March 29, 2024
Good job!
amanda foster
amanda foster
March 18, 2024
We Surv was a big help to us. We needed to replace all our rotten wood siding and soffits along the exterior of our home. Service was done professionally and Scottie was the best. He kept us informed and was able to finish the job before the original deadline. We will definitely be using We Surv again.
susan virgin
susan virgin
March 4, 2024
I would highly recommend this company to anyone. It was a pleasure having Aaron work in our home. He was very professional, hard working, and was able to make suggestions and answer any questions that I had. Thank you, Aaron, for transforming my old shower into a porcelain palace. It is so beautiful!
Thomas Harris
Thomas Harris
February 24, 2024
Excellent service.
Susan Wright
Susan Wright
February 20, 2024
Scotti was knowledgeable, courteous, professional and punctual

Benefits of Professional Drywall Repair Services

Professional drywall repair services offer a variety of benefits for homeowners dealing with damaged walls. Not only do they provide quality workmanship, but they also save time and cost in the long run. With guaranteed results, you can rest easy knowing that your home is in good hands when it comes to repairing your drywall.

Quality Workmanship

Our drywall repair services are unmatched in terms of quality workmanship. Our team has the expertise to handle all types of damage, from cracks and holes to water damage and mold. We use only high-quality materials to ensure a long-lasting finish that will stand up to everyday wear and tear. Our seamless repairs blend seamlessly with the rest of your walls, leaving no trace of the original damage.

  • Expertise in repairing all types of drywall damage
  • Use of high-quality materials for a long-lasting finish
  • Seamless repairs that blend seamlessly with the rest of your walls

We take pride in providing our customers with top-notch service that exceeds their expectations. Don’t settle for less than exceptional when it comes to repairing your drywall – trust us for quality workmanship every time.

Time and Cost Savings

Our quick and efficient repair processes are designed to save you time. We understand that drywall issues can be a hassle, which is why we strive to get the job done promptly without compromising on quality. Additionally, by opting for our professional-grade tools and expertise, you can avoid costly mistakes or further damages that may arise from attempting the repairs yourself.

When it comes to drywall repair, having access to the right tools is crucial. Our team has all the necessary equipment readily available – no need for you to make expensive purchases just for a one-time use. Trust us with your drywall repair needs and enjoy both time and cost savings in return!

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our team of professionals takes pride in delivering high-quality workmanship with every drywall repair job. We assure you that the repairs will be done to the best of our abilities, leaving your walls looking brand new again.

At We Surv Jacksonville, we understand that time is valuable to homeowners. That’s why we guarantee a specific timeframe for completing our services so you can quickly plan accordingly and return to your daily routine.

Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction is unmatched. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work at fair market prices, promising to arrive on time, and providing a “customer first” approach throughout the entire process. To ensure your peace of mind, we offer a warranty on our workmanship and stand behind our services 100%. Rest assured that with us, you’ll receive top-notch bathroom remodel services that meet your expectations.

When to Call in a Professional

When it comes to drywall repair, homeowners should consider calling in a professional for complex repairs or safety concerns. Complex repairs include issues with the structural integrity of the wall, water damage, or extensive holes and cracks. A professional can ensure that these problems are properly addressed and prevent further damage to your home. Safety concerns may arise when dealing with high ceilings or difficult-to-reach areas, which require specific tools and techniques that professionals are trained to handle. Don’t risk injury or additional costs by attempting risky DIY solutions on your own – call in a professional for peace of mind.

In addition to providing expert knowledge and experience, hiring a professional for drywall repair can save you time and money in the long run. Professionals have access to specialized equipment that allows them to complete jobs more efficiently than an amateur could manage alone. With their expertise, they can quickly diagnose problems and offer effective solutions without wasting materials or causing unnecessary damage. Avoid costly mistakes by leaving drywall repair tasks up to trusted professionals who will get the job done right the first time around.

Complex Repairs

Identifying structural damage, replacing large sections of drywall, and repairing water or fire damage are all complex repairs that require the expertise of a professional. Attempting these repairs on your own can lead to costly mistakes and even further damages to your home.

Here are some key considerations when it comes to complex drywall repair:

  • Identifying Structural Damage: Cracks in walls may be a sign of deeper issues such as foundation problems or settling. It’s important to have an expert assess any structural damage before proceeding with cosmetic repairs.
  • Replacing Large Sections of Drywall: This requires precision cutting and measuring, as well as proper adhesion techniques for seamless integration with existing drywall.
  • Repairing Water or Fire Damage: These types of damages can weaken the structure and compromise safety. A professional will not only fix the visible damage but also ensure that the underlying structure is sound.

Remember, attempting complex repairs on your own could result in long-term financial consequences if it is done incorrectly. Trusting experts like We Surv Jacksonville can save you time, money, and give you peace-of-mind knowing that your home has been repaired properly by professionals who care about quality workmanship.

Safety Concerns

Working with hazardous materials like asbestos requires special precautions to protect yourself from long-term health complications. Always wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks, and respirators when handling asbestos-containing materials. Additionally, make sure to dispose of all contaminated materials properly.

When using power tools and ladders for drywall repair, it’s important to follow safety guidelines to prevent accidents that can cause serious injury or even death. Make sure the tools are in good working condition before use and always wear appropriate safety gear such as eye protection and sturdy shoes. When using a ladder, ensure it is on a stable surface and never overreach beyond your arm’s length.

Avoiding electrical hazards when repairing damaged walls is critical for your safety. Before starting any repairs near electrical wires or outlets, turn off the power supply to avoid electrocution risks. If you’re not comfortable working with electricity, hire a qualified electrician instead of attempting DIY repairs that could put you in harm’s way.

The Ultimate Guide to Drywall Repair

Are you dealing with cracks, holes, or other unsightly damage to your drywall? Don’t let it ruin the look of your home any longer! In this ultimate guide to drywall repair, we’ll cover common issues and DIY solutions. And if you’re ready for a professional touch, we’ll explain when it’s time to call in the experts and highlight the benefits of their services. Keep reading to learn how to handle your drywall repairs like a pro.

Common Drywall Issues

If you’re experiencing cracking or peeling in your drywall, it’s likely because of a poor coat job during installation. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also lead to further damage over time if not addressed promptly. In some cases, the cost of repairing the problem yourself may be more than hiring a professional.

Ceiling cracks are common issues that homeowners face with their drywall. These cracks can occur due to temperature fluctuations and settling within your home’s structure. Fixing these problems requires proper tools and understanding of how to repair them correctly. It’s important to address any ceiling crack as soon as possible before they become larger issues that could result in significant repair costs down the line.

  • Nail Pops:

    Identifying nail pops on your walls and ceilings is the first step to preventing larger and costlier issues down the line. These small bumps are caused by movement in your home’s structure, which can be exacerbated by humidity or temperature changes. To prevent them from recurring, it’s essential to identify and address their root causes, including improper installation techniques or sub-par materials.

    Identifying and addressing nail pops early on can save you time, money, and stress in the long run while ensuring that your home remains beautiful for years to come.

    When fixing nail pops, using the right tools and materials is crucial for a lasting repair. A putty knife and sandpaper coated with joint compound will help you smooth out any rough patches before applying a fresh coat of paint to match your existing ceiling or wall color. By addressing these troublesome spots early on, you can save yourself time, money, and stress in the long run while ensuring that your home remains beautiful for years to come.

  • Cracks:

    Different types of cracks in drywall can indicate various issues. Some are cosmetic, caused by minor shifts in the house’s foundation or changes in temperature and humidity levels that occur naturally over time. Others may be more structural, indicating a more serious problem with the home’s infrastructure that requires immediate attention from professionals.

    Determining whether a crack is structural or cosmetic is essential before attempting any repairs. A professional evaluation will help you decide on the appropriate course of action and avoid costly mistakes that could compromise your safety further down the line.

    When it comes to repairing cracks in drywall quickly and easily, there are several steps you can follow to ensure a smooth finish without breaking your budget. One technique involves using joint compound to coat the area around the crack before sanding it down until smooth for an even surface texture suitable for painting or wallpaper application.

  • Holes:

    Common causes of holes in drywall include accidental damage or wear-and-tear over time. No matter the cause, it’s important to use the right technique for patching holes based on their size, location, or shape. Fortunately, even homeowners without professional experience can repair small holes with some ‘do-it-yourself’ tips and tricks.

    For larger repairs that require a professional touch, We Surv Jacksonville offers cost-effective solutions to fix any hole in your wall or ceiling. Don’t let unsightly holes ruin your home’s appearance – contact us today for expert drywall repair services!

DIY Drywall Repair Solutions

No homeowner wants to deal with drywall repairs, but it’s a common issue that can’t be avoided. With the right materials and steps, you can handle DIY drywall repair like a pro. Start by gathering all necessary supplies such as joint compound, sandpaper, and mesh tape. Once you have everything on hand, follow our step-by-step guide for seamless results.

Firstly, assess the damage and determine if any underlying issues need fixing before patching up the hole or crack. From there, cut out any damaged parts of the drywall and apply mesh tape to create reinforcement over the area in question. Then smooth over with joint compound using light strokes until fully covered before sanding down for a flawless finish. Don’t let minor damages become major problems – tackle your next DIY home project today!

Materials Needed

Drywall repair can be a daunting task for homeowners, but with the right tools and materials, it can be done easily and efficiently. Here are the three key materials you’ll need to get started:

  • Drywall Patch: A self-adhesive patch that is easy to use and provides a strong hold.
  • Joint Compound: Used to cover the patch and create a smooth surface.
  • Putty Knife: An essential tool for applying joint compound.

With these materials in hand, you’ll be well on your way to repairing any drywall damage in your home. Don’t wait until it becomes a bigger issue – tackle it like a pro today!

Step-by-Step Guide

Assess the Damage: Begin by assessing the damage to your drywall. Make sure that you have all of the necessary materials for this project before getting started.

Cut a Drywall Patch to Size: Use a utility knife or saw to cut a drywall patch to size. Make sure that it is slightly larger than the hole in your wall, so that it will cover any edges or rough spots.

Apply Joint Compound to the Edges of the Hole and Place the Patch Over It: Apply joint compound around the edges of your hole, then place your drywall patch over it. Smooth out any excess compound with a putty knife and let it dry completely before sanding and finishing. With these simple steps, you can handle drywall repair like a pro!

Time to make your life easier.

Need help with all those pesky projects clogging up your to-do list? Our handyman services are here for you! We’ll tackle whatever task is in front of us quickly and efficiently so that the only thing left behind is a job well done. So don’t procrastinate – give us a call now and get back to living life instead of stressing about it!


To repair drywall, you will need a few essential tools. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need more or fewer tools. The most common tools required for drywall repair include a putty knife sandpaper, joint compound drywall tape, a utility knife, a drywall saw, a drill, a screwdriver, and a hammer. Having these tools on hand will help you to repair small holes, cracks, or dents in your drywall with ease. However, for more extensive damage or larger areas that need repair, you may want to consider hiring a professional drywall repair service like We Surv Jacksonville. Our skilled team has the tools, experience, and expertise to tackle any drywall repair project, no matter how big or small. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

To patch a hole in drywall, first clean the area around the hole and remove any loose debris. Then, cut a piece of drywall that is slightly larger than the hole and place it over the hole. Use a pencil to trace the outline of the patch onto the wall. Next, use a drywall saw or utility knife to cut along the pencil lines. Make sure to cut through the paper backing of the drywall but not the underlying wall structure. Insert the patch into the hole, making sure it fits snugly. Apply joint compound to the edges of the patch and smooth it out with a putty knife. Let the compound dry completely, then sand it down until it is smooth and level with the surrounding wall. Finally, prime and paint the patch to match the surrounding wall. If you are unsure about doing this yourself, consider contacting a professional handyman company like We Surv Jacksonville for assistance.

Repairing a crack in drywall is a relatively simple task that can be done with the right tools and materials. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Clean the area around the crack with a dry cloth to remove any dust or debris.

2. Use a utility knife to widen the crack slightly. This will help the drywall compound adhere better.

3. Apply a thin layer of joint compound to the crack using a putty knife. Smooth out the compound with the knife, making sure to cover the crack completely.

4. Place a piece of joint tape over the still-wet compound, pressing it firmly into place with your putty knife.

5. Apply another layer of joint compound over the tape, using the putty knife to spread it out smoothly. Make sure the layer is not too thick, or it will take longer to dry.

6. Allow the compound to dry completely. This can take up to 24 hours, depending on the humidity level in your home.

7. Sand the area with fine-grit sandpaper to smooth out any bumps or rough spots.

8. Apply a second layer of joint compound, if necessary, and repeat the sanding process.

9. Paint or wallpaper over the repaired area as desired.

If you’re not confident in your ability to repair a crack in your drywall, don’t hesitate to call on the professionals at We Surv Jacksonville. With our expert knowledge and experience, we can quickly and efficiently repair any drywall issue you may have.

The best way to sand drywall is to use a sanding sponge or sandpaper, starting with a coarse grit and gradually working your way up to a finer grit. Sand in a circular motion, applying even pressure and making sure to sand all edges and corners. Be sure to wear a mask and eye protection to avoid inhaling dust and getting debris in your eyes. After sanding, wipe down the walls with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dust.

Before starting any drywall repair, it’s essential to prepare the wall properly. Here are the steps you can take to prepare a wall for drywall repair:

1. Remove any loose debris or old drywall: Remove any loose debris or old drywall from the damaged area using a scraper or sandpaper to create a clean surface.

2. Cut out the affected area: Cut out the affected area with a drywall saw or utility knife to create a square or rectangular shape. Make sure to cut all the way through the drywall.

3. Create a patch: Cut a new piece of drywall to fit the square or rectangular shape of the affected area. Make sure it’s slightly smaller than the hole so it can be easily fitted in.

4. Attach the patch: Apply joint compound to the back of the patch and place it over the hole. Secure the patch with drywall screws, making sure to countersink them slightly.

5. Tape and mud the seams: Apply drywall tape over the seams of the patch and cover with joint compound. Repeat the process two to three times, sanding in between coats until smooth.

6. Sand and prime: Sand the area lightly after the final coat of joint compound has dried. Apply a coat of primer to the repaired area before painting.

Following these steps will help you prepare a wall for drywall repair, giving you a professional-looking finish. If you are unsure about any of these steps or want a flawless finish, it’s always best to consult a professional. Good luck!

When it comes to choosing spackle for your drywall repair project, there are a few things to consider. First, you’ll want to choose a spackle that is specifically designed for drywall repair. Look for products that are labeled “drywall spackle” or “drywall repair compound.”

Next, consider the size of the hole or damage you’re trying to repair. For small holes, a lightweight spackle will do the trick. For larger holes or deeper damage, you’ll want to use a heavier spackle that can fill in the gap and provide a sturdy base for your patch.

Finally, consider the finish you’re looking for. Some spackles dry to a smooth, paintable finish, while others have a more textured look. Think about the overall look you’re going for and choose a spackle that will help you achieve it.

Overall, the key is to choose a spackle that is specifically designed for drywall repair and that will provide the right consistency, strength, and finish for your project. If you’re unsure which product to choose, don’t hesitate to talk to a professional or consult the product packaging for guidance. And remember, with the right spackle and a little bit of know-how, you can tackle drywall repair projects like a pro!

When it comes to drywall repair, the type of tape you use is crucial for achieving a smooth and seamless finish. The best tape for drywall repair is self-adhesive mesh tape. This type of tape is easy to use and provides a strong and durable bond. It also prevents cracks from forming in the future. It is recommended to avoid paper tape as it is more prone to wrinkling and tearing. So, make sure to get your hands on self-adhesive mesh tape for your DIY drywall repair project or contact We Surv Jacksonville, a handyman company in Jacksonville Florida, for professional drywall repair services. Don’t let those unsightly cracks and holes in your walls go unaddressed any longer!

Yes, you can repair water-damaged drywall. However, it is important to properly assess the extent of the damage before attempting to repair it. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need to replace the damaged drywall entirely or simply patch and paint over the affected area. It is also crucial to address any underlying water issues to prevent further damage. If you are unsure about how to proceed with repairing water-damaged drywall, it is recommended to seek the help of a professional handyman or drywall repair company.

The cost of drywall repair varies depending on the extent of the damage and the size of the affected area. Minor repairs such as small holes or cracks may cost anywhere from $50 to $200, while larger repairs such as water damage or significant holes can cost upwards of $500. However, hiring a professional handyman can ensure that the repair is done correctly and efficiently, ultimately saving you money in the long run. Contact We Surv Jacksonville for a free estimate and to learn more about our drywall repair services. Don’t let the cost of repairs hold you back from having a beautifully restored home.

There are several techniques for texturing drywall, and the best one depends on the desired effect and personal preference. Some popular techniques include:

1. Knockdown texture: This technique involves spraying a thick layer of joint compound onto the wall and then using a trowel to knock down the peaks, creating a flattened texture.

2. Orange peel texture: This technique involves spraying a thin layer of joint compound onto the wall and then using a hopper gun to create small, random bumps that resemble the texture of an orange peel.

3. Skip trowel texture: This technique involves applying joint compound to the wall with a trowel in a sweeping, circular motion, creating a random, textured pattern.

4. Sand swirl texture: This technique involves mixing joint compound with sand and using a trowel to create a swirl pattern on the wall.

It’s important to note that texturing drywall can be a difficult and messy job, and it’s often best left to professionals. If you’re not confident in your ability to texture drywall, consider hiring a professional handyman to do the job for you. We Surv Jacksonville offers high-quality drywall repair and texturing services in Jacksonville, Florida, so don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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